Weight Loss – Four Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Weight Loss - Four Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Wondering why you just cannot seem to lose the weight you are trying so hard to? You are following your diet plan to the letter and hitting the gym three to five times a week, so what gives? How come you cannot seem to make those scales budge?

Often, it has nothing to do with your diet and everything to do with a few other mistakes you may be making along the way. While diet and exercise do account for up to 80 percent of the results you see, some other factors can come into play. Let’s take a closer look at what these factors are so you can get back on track to success again…

1. You Are not Sleeping Enough. First, check you are getting at least seven, if not eight or nine hours of sleep each night. One of the top reasons why you may be failing to move forward is because you have too much cortisol running through your body, which can come about due to lack of sleep.

Cortisol causes your body to want to store fat and can also break down lean muscle mass tissue, resulting in a slower overall metabolic rate. Set your bedtime back an hour and watch the difference this can make.

2. You Are Following Someone Else’s Diet Plan. One main reason you may not be losing weight is you are following another person’s diet plan. Following someone else’s diet does not have to do with your eating specifically, but does have to do with the fact you are not choosing a diet suitable for your body type.

Remember, your body is different, just because a particular diet worked for your best friend does not mean it will work for you. Look for a customized plan unique to your body, and you will see better results.

3. You Are Stressed Out. Stress is another cause of lack of fat loss results. Once again, stress, just like the lack of sleep, can lead to your body releasing too much cortisol. When cortisol is present, your body is in a state where holding onto fat stores and burning up muscle is a high probability, the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Also, all the stress may be causing you to “stress eat,” taking in calories you do not need in the process. Practice good stress management techniques to help get this under control.

4. You Are Not Being Patient. The last reason for not seeing results is you are not patient. Remember, fat loss can take time. If it has been two weeks and the scale has not moved, do not be too concerned. Give it another few weeks.

You may initially be losing fat and building muscle, in which case the scale stays the same, but your body composition is changing.

Keep these points in mind. See if any apply to you and if so, consider making some changes to get back on the path to success.

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